Chute Rubber

Rubber Chutes

The rubber with synthetic fabric on one side resistant is commonly used as chute and launder lining. Chute rubber is designed as an integral part of the conveyor system. The integral part of a conveyor system is designed from the material to be handled. The rubber with synthetic fabric on one side is resistant to tearing and stretching. The common use of chute rubber is chute and launder lining. The chute rubber protects from the material to be handled. The chute rubber escapes from the damage the conveyor loading areas.

The chute rubber is made of pure gum rubber that is of high tensile strength. The chute rubber is ideal for bumper stock and laundry lining. You will find the faster, safer, and more comfortable way of fixing the chute rubber to build the lines. Chute rubber is ideal for seals to safeguard spillage and adds loads on conveyor systems. The chute rubber is suitable for skirtboards, belt wipers, impact pads, and bumper pads.

The chute rubber should never be used for edging skirtboards as the fabric that will be used is not of abrasive particles that will enhance the belt cover. You will get chute rubber with two-ply duck fabric available on minimum quantity order.

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