Clamp Cylinder Manufacturers

Clamp Cylinder Manufacturers

Clamp cylinders are used to clamp milling and drilling tools in mineral and ore industry. These clamp cylinders use pneumatic mechanism for operations and are filled with compressed gas to move the piston and hold it firmly in one place. Thus a great amount of force is exerted that holds tools in their apt position.

One of the major concerns related to the use of clamp cylinders is the compressibility of a gas. It has been observed that the compression on the cylinder that is further applied by the gas in it due to load may mess with the precision of the mechanism. This phenomenon has been observed most prominently in vertical load bearing where the entire load in on the cylinder. Although studies have shown that the pressure on the cylinder is not as menacing. Thus quality manufacture and maintenance of clamp cylinders is quintessential.

Even the slightest error in manufacture of clamp cylinder may lead to a disaster and thus every component of clamp cylinder needs to be well polished before being put together. Clamp cylinders are equipped with a lock mechanism that prevents sudden jerk or movement in case of pressure release.

Clamp cylinder manufacturers in India carry out the manufacturing process precisely in accordance with international standards. The maintenance of the machinery is equally essential. Manufacturers keep in mind to follow the figures and data accurately and this in turn leads to manufacturing of machinery that is functional and long lasting.

Clamp cylinders are available in a variety of sizes and each cylinder is set to lift a certain amount of load. These clamp cylinders range from small sized to industrial grades. The sizes range from as small as 2.5 mm cylinder to 1000 mm cylinders.

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