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Jaw Crusher

A jaw crusher is used for breaking large objects into smaller particles. Jaw crushers achieve this by imparting compressive force on objects. The mechanical pressure for crushing is achieved by two jaws of the crusher. One of the jaws is fixed and the other is moves in a harmonic motion. A jaw crusher comprises of a pair of vertical jaws. The jaw that always remains stationary is called fixed jaw and the jaw that facilitates movement is called swing jaw.

A jaw crusher’s mechanism may be compared to that of a class II lever. A jaw crusher can be deemed as a vertical nut cracker. Crushing chamber, the cavity between the two jaws, is where the substance that needs to be crushed is placed. The movement of the swing jaw is kept very small so that a large particle does not simply escapes without being crushed to smaller parts. A flywheel is mechanically attached to the swing jaw which gives it a rhythmic motion as well as the inertia.

These are heavy duty machines that are used to crush rocks and hence they need to be manufactured with robust material. The outer frame of the crusher is made of cast iron. The jaws on the other hand are made out of cast steel.

They also employ the use of metal alloys for building the rest of the parts. Jaw crushers are usually constructed in sections to ease the process transportation if they are to be taken underground for carrying out the operations.

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