Pulley Lagging Rubber

Pulley Lagging Rubber

Pulley lagging rubber is supplied by the local distributor or pulley manufacturer. For efficient and economical conveyor operation proper pulley lagging is in the integral detail. Some of the key benefits of pulley lagging rubber are:

  • Extends the life of the key conveyor components
  • Reduce wear from abrasive materials
  • Protect belt slippage by enhancing the coefficient of friction between conveyor belt and pulley
  • Develops the self-cleaning action on pulley surface and protect the transported bulk material

Generally, lagging is attracted to the pulley through vulcanized or preferably heavy duty applications. In many applications, ceramic lagging can be significantly enhance the drive traction. Certain tips for pulley lagging are:

  • Plain Steel Drum Pulley are ideal for dry and clean environment where traction are not critical and where foreign material is not present.
  • Drum Pulley with plain rubber is generally used in snub applications where traction is not critical
  • Drive pulley work in wet or damp condition and is commonly available in a smooth or diamond design
  • Ceramic lagged pulley are considered important in applications with abrasive material on the back side of conveyor belt

The use of pulley lagging rubber reduces the load and wear on the drive, belt, pulley and many more.

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